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                 "Your Public Awareness Community Resource"

WecarePartners, Inc. is a member of the United States Tennis Association and we are proud to wear their banner.

"Rebuilding the Village with a Responsible Citizenship Initiative"

Our mission is to develop initiatives that will help to improve quality of life and transform communities into safe healthy neighborhoods using the sport of tennis as a recreational activity and trending technology for life learning skills. WeCare Partners, Inc. is "Your Public Awareness Community Resource." We are dedicated toward establishing outreach models supportive to many of the concerns that address and promote outreach and community relations.
The vision of WeCarePartners is to help eradicate poverty by developing methods that unify cultures and to create educational alternatives for success.


Since 2006 WeCarePartners, Inc. has worked to provide incentives to create awareness about issues concerning people less fortunate who are having a tough time understanding the complexity of government leadership. It is the goal of our organization to continue to grow and expand this idea of developing a positive direction for community leadership.

The involvement of the outreach effort to raise awareness started in November of 2008 with a joint project involving the NAACP and Essex County College to address the "Involvement of Women in the Electoral Process." The next year WeCarePartners, Inc. established an Education Conference to raise awareness concerning the abuse in public education spending. A second Conference was developed to address Social Justice issues and Healthy Choices.

In July of 2009 WeCarePartners, Inc. helped to develop a outreach reform organization called Alliance for Free Choice in Education. The result of this effort also introduced an Education Reform rally on the Historic Courthouse steps in Essex County on July 2 of that year. The involvement formed an awareness idea that broadened the support for education reform. In the effort to help create awareness on the need for an action plan for reform, WeCarePartners, Inc. collaborated again with the NAACP, Essex County College and other grassroots organizations to develop a message of Education Transformation creating a Education Reform Conference series. The forums, held in March and September of 2010 and April of 2011 helped to establish an action plan to encourage the Health Awareness initiative.

On July 2, 2011 the influence to create an effort to include law enforcement and the faith-based community transformed the Education Reform Rally into The Responsible Citizenship Crusade. WeCarePartners, Inc. is continuing its effort to generate a unified forum to address community issues and raise awareness expressing the relevance of responsible citizenship as being identified as a part of the national agenda. The organizations that are in support of this effort are willing to help transform our communities by sharing their knowledge and experiences collectively. This type of an approach will become a beneficial tool in the attempt to reclaim the neighborhoods that are being lost because of neglect and limited services.

Out Reach Advocacy: Responsible Citizenship and You

The attempt to develop a positive health awareness outreach plan will focus on treatment and identifying the greater need of services that affect our population. Health and Wellness is in a disparity and not only causes problems for our seniors, but severely impacts the progress of our future generation.

Through a grassroots effort we will identify:

*Participants through strategic activities using technology and media driven projects
*A creation of a services database to track methods used by the participants
*By monitoring the effect of the activities used to generate participation
*Document the activities using social media products
*Observation of outcomes from the resources used to educate our interest

 Our Outreach Plan Proposal:

To identify Corporate Sponsors who address need for the use of services that provide health care protection Medication and Alternatives Financial Literacy as a Health Concern: Partnership with UMDNJ Institute for the Public Understanding of Health and Medicine, Jacob Jay Lindenthal, Ph.D., Dr.PH Identifying Critical Health Problems (Mental and Physical) The influence of Violent Behavior within the social networks Unhealthy living standards in housing (assisted and non assisted) Action Plan and Activities Schedule weekly events that help to inform constituents about the importance of Health and Wellness.

The effort will consists of by identifying with a demographic predominately involving: Elderly, and disabled.

Disadvantaged families experiencing hard economic times

Peer to peer mentoring with schools and after school program 

Phase 1 (On-Going)Identify participating organizations and create schedule of events  Phase 2 (30 - 60 Days)
Develop a preference list of activities that relate to Health and Wellness using a talk show format Phase 3 Construct a position paper on the priorities of the constituents who participate in an evaluation survey. 

 It is important that an effort to remedy the infestation of health related abuse to the elderly and the relationship of social illness resulting to violent crimes receive public attention. The Responsible Citizenship initiative will provide an urgency to address health challenges and will seek educational alternatives to help improve the quality of life in our communities.

Information generated will be used to produce additional resources to perform outreach and advocacy for change. Identifying habits that cause unhealthy living standards such as domestic violence, substance and alcohol resistance, truancy and financial illiteracy will be explored.

The WeCarePartners/Global Tennis Alliance inititative has grown into an outstanding community outreach opportunity. Our effort to help grow tennis in the inner-city neighborhood has provided a significant reason to appeal for funding and support. Our commitment toward raising awareness about issues that are important to our community is complimented by the effort to create a Communty Tennis Association and provide a thorough campaign to increase participation using  life learning tools offered from the United States Tennis Association. Our functionality toward the approach “to promote and develop the growth of tennis” has tangible evidence that financial support is imminent. Our request for assistance will help improve our ability to provide quality performance.


The Global Institute for Education Reform

GIEdR is an initiative to create an urban "think tank" to address many of the issues that WeCare Partners, Inc. will explore relative to providing public awareness. The dynamics of this program will create a new direction in leadership and develop an active responsibility toward motivating social activities that will create positive outcomes. Visit www.giedr.org for additional information.


                                           For more information 
                       call 973-847-1983  or fax 1-855-525-CARE (2273)

                         or email: info@wecarepartners.com