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                          Herb Glenn Scheduled to go Live in 2017

I am excited about the new season of "Herb Glenn Live" which we will be taping for 2017. It will encompass many of the conversations and hallmark interesting guests that have made an impact to the issues WeCarePartners, Inc. work to raise awareness. Follow us on our youtube channel and the NEWARK CABLE Channel 19 Saturdays 11am - 12pm.
            Introducing WCPN (WeCarePartners Network) Internet Radio  
       Our latest project is a showcase of conversations and will host live shows.                        

      Download links to WCPN (WeCarePartners Network) Internet Radio

Winamp, iTunes, VLC Player  https://ca2.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/hergle00.pls 
Windows Media Player         https://ca2.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/hergle00.asx 
Real Player                        https://ca2.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/hergle00.ram QuickTime                         https://ca2.radioboss.fm:2199/tunein/hergle00.qtl 
Web Proxy                      http://ca2.radioboss.fm/stream/hergle00.pls?mp=/stream