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Game of Love Returns to Newark

NEWARK- In 1988 the late Arthur Ashe and Nick Bollettieri, celebrated Tennis professionals, established an effort to create a trend to develop tennis athletes in the urban community.

The interest became a prominent milestone while incorporating local government support but lacked longevity.  WeCarePartners, Inc. a grass roots organization in the urban community, has partnered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to help advance its mission in low income neighborhoods. Tennis has long been a sport celebrated by a cultural class of successful professionals.

Most of the participants afford a regiment of training provided as private lessons with a very expensive cost. Often, kids who have families with low to moderate incomes are not privileged to enjoy the activities a sport like Tennis represent because of the limited access of economics or organizations not available in communities such as Asbury Park, Camden and Newark. Although a number of initiatives have evolved, many result in changing their mission and finding the only method of survival is to become independent, making the sport less attractive to the mass of athletes that can benefit from its resources.

The move to support the sport of Tennis started with the influence of Dale Caldwell, a former regional president for the USTA Eastern division. The Eastern division covers mostly the Tri-State area. Caldwell, has made the sport of Tennis accessible to local resident through his Open Tennis Tour, creating Pro-Am tournaments in the region. “Newark was not one of the areas that a Tennis tournament was not being held so we offered to assist in the planning to develop an event, says Herbert Glenn, President/CEO WeCarePartners, Inc.  The problem was I have never played Tennis.”

WeCarePartners, Inc has long pioneered the work of public relations and marketing as its mission. Raising concern over issues that are important to the urban community is their standard mantra. The attempt to make this effort successful meant that they needed to become involved with Tennis and its mission. USTA.com became a lifeline. The program began to utilize USTA methods of training and Glenn became experienced as a Junior Tennis Coach.  Using many of its incentives and grant opportunities the organization successfully launched a volunteer training program partnering with United Community Corporation at West Side park over the summer of 2015. That relationship continues to grow.

Optimism is spreading. Glenn hopes to partner with other organizations to continue the effort of growing tennis in the urban community. WeCarePartners, Inc. has created the WCP Family Life and Tennis Learning Academy to insure the effort will generate the type of financial support from resources that help minority families receive quality services for their children. Through Dale Caldwell and the Global Tennis Alliance, Newark will host its second Pro-Am Tournament at the Newark West Side Essex County Park 600 South 17th Street Newark NJ 07103 from  August 25 thru Sunday August 27.

Anyone who wish to participate in the open tournament can access the registration through tennis-link on the USTA.com website. Contact Herb Glenn (973) 847-1983 or herbglenn@wecarepartners.com for further information about the WCP Family Life and Tennis Learning Academy.

WeCarePartners,Inc.  will host its Beginners Tennis Camp and introduce the WCP Tennis League.


Excerpt from  The African News Blog Independent circa 2013

As the world remembers Mandela the hero, the prison where he spent 27 years seems all the more brutal

In 1977, the political prisoners succeeded in having manual labour halted, giving them more time for reading, studying and political debate. Mandela cultivated his garden and kept fit by playing tennis, the yard of his cell block having been converted into a court.


                    2017 Newark Open


Tournament Organization Information

Tournament ID # 100157717

 Hello Everyone,
Thank you for supporting the 2nd Annual Newark Open. This event is hosted by WeCarePartners, Inc., the Global Tennis Alliance (GTA) and Sports For Life. WCP is a non-profit tennis and education organization that supports the needs of urban children. All net proceeds will go towards tennis and education programming as well as support for local junior performance players. GTA is establishing a world circuit of local professional tennis events and will offer free entree to the Newark Open Men's champions and finalists, as well as the Women's champion in the Central Park Open (July 4th weekend) as well as New Brunswick Open series.

This series will be played Outdoor:
The Historic Newark West Side Essex County Park
600 South 17th Street
Newark, NJ

All Open level draws will have the following max prize money.

Open Singles Winner: $1250
Open Singles Finalist: $750

Open Doubles Winner: $500/team
Open Doubles Finalist: $250/team

Singles prize money is based on a draw of 32
Doubles prize money is based on a draw of 16 teams

For singles/doubles draws with fewer than 32/(16 teams) entries, the total prize money may be reduced.
Come watch our next Adult Open Tennis Tournament! We are hosting highly ranked junior players and national  ranked adult players. These men play their hearts out for the prize money! Come sit in our seats, have a smoothie, be a part of this amazing tennis experience!

TOURNAMENT ID: 100157717
August 25 - 27 2017

For Professional Registration and information: